Methods of dextoxification


The power of sunflower oil

An old and effective method for the detoxification and strengthening of the whole body and at the same time decontaminating the teeth is an oil mouthwash.
Each step of the method is important and should be adhered to closely in order to acheive the desired effect.

This is how it works.
In the morning, on an empty stomach and before you brush your teeth, take a soup spoon of pure cold-pressed sunflower oil.  We know that in the temperate latitudes of the northern hemisphere, from Russia (the land of origin of this method) to North America only sunflower oil achieves this beneficial effect.  It is only in this plant that those powers are stored that can help this method to work so successfully.
Slurp the oil, loud and vulgarly; this slurping fulfils an important function.  It helps the entire body as well as all its internal organs receive exact information, via the nerves of the taste buds and the brain, concerning what has just entered the body.  The better our tongue, nose and gums are informed, the better the body is able to tune itself.  When the body receives the information « sunflower oil » it knows that a substance has entered it on to which it can « load » everything that is undesirable, particularly everything that has negative radiations.
The important thing now is to keep the oil in the mouth without swallowing any!  Suck the oil through the teeth and cavities of the mouth, let it roll and slide.  Push it through the gaps between your teeth, slowly, casually almost, so as not to arouse too strong a flow of saliva. Take about Fifteen minute to do this.
After a quarter of an hour spit the oil into a wash basin and rinse your mouth (and basin) thoroughly.  The oil has been transformed into a poison-laden substance.  Were it fall on grass, it ceases to grow!  Do not be surprised at the colour of the oil.  It will have turned white.
The most favourable time for such a cure is when the moon is waning and for a period of fourteen days there after.

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