May New Moon 2019


 New Moon in Aries

Saturday 4th May – 22.45 BST


For the New Moon there are new beginnings in store for our assertive, direct, and initiating side. This month the themes of developing our confidence, desires, and independence will be emphasized. A trine to Saturn, and sextile to Neptune, suggests a grounded yet receptive energy with this fiery new beginning and Mars opposite Jupiter helps us learn more about what is possible when it comes to these personal needs.

Here in France the beginning of May is celebrated by offering Lily-of-the-Valley, in the language of flowers this plant symbolises the return of happiness.  Throughout europe it is a symbol of renewal, purity and joy.  Apparently, King Charles IX of France was the first to offer a spring of Lily-of-the-Valley as a lucky charm in 1561 and in 1889 it became associated with May Day.

Lily-of-the-valley, with its small bell-shaped flowers of  pure white and its delicious fragrance, forms real carpets in the woods or in the shade.  However,  it contains poisonous substances that spread, even in the water when placed in a vase.

Very frequently on the path of personnel development we are encouraged to free ourselves of something toxic, troubling or unwanted.  Habits or anxieties that bother us, constraints that inhibit or hamper our development are to be overcome!  But with the end of this Lunar cycle may I suggest that we first consider what we have gained from what we wish to banish; the experience of difficulty maybe necessary in someway to our growth as a human being.  Thus before we are able to move on it’s wise to assimilate this understanding into our awareness.

Here is a story of the Yogi and the Snake

So as we gradually assimilate the confidence to assert our Will in the world, let us remain self-aware rather than self-serving or self-denying.

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