The Story of the Yogi and the Snake


The Yogi and the Snake

Once upon a time in the jungle of India there lived a beautiful Cobra snake.  Content with all that life had to offer the snake grew and grew and became quite huge.  A long time ago some people built a village in a clearing of that same Jungle.  As the years went by many children were bitten or even killed by the Snake, naturally the villagers were very upset by this situation.

One day when a passing Yogi requested food and shelter from the villagers, the villagers agreed and sort counsel with the Yogi.  They told hime of the dangerous snake that bit their children and asked if the Yogi had the power to talk to the snake and put an end to their misery.

The Yogi agreed and went into the Jungle and called the snake to him.  The Cobra appeared, rose up and spread his hood in preparation of attack.  The Yogi was not afraid, and asked the Snake:

« Can you imagine the Karma that you are now creating for your next life? »

The surprised Snake backed down, retreated and replied:

« These children are not innocent.  They come looking for me, and when they find me, they taunt and tease me.  I am only acting in self-defence. »

After a long discussion the Snake agreed to stop biting the children because of the negative Karma he would accumulate. The Cobra thanked  the Yogi, who returned to the Village to tell the adults that he had indeed spoken to the Snake and their problem was over.  The Yogi thanked the villagers and went on his way.

Many months later the Yogi returned to the Village in the Jungle and went to see the Snake. He searched and searched and eventually found the Snake lying on the ground, with it’s skin torn, about to die.

« What happened to you asked the Yogi? »..  » You were so beautiful before and now you are ragged and dying ! ».

The Snake whispered…

« You told me I could no longer bite the children, so when they taunted me, I let them.  This is what they have done to me. »

The Yogi laughed and gently touched the Snake.

« I told you not to bite them.  I did not tell you not to hiss ».


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