May Full Moon 2019


 Full Moon in Libra

Saturday 18th May – 21.11 BST


The Full Moon of May brings the conscientious, harmonious and agreeable energy of Libra out to play.  As we strive to keep balance and mutuality in our relationships, the air of this element helps our actions to be fair, just and impartial. Venus the planet that connects us to who and what we value and the ruler of Libra has now moved into Aries. The fire of Aries helps to transmute base energies clearing our path and with Mars, its ruler, now in Gemini this air element helps us to communicate our passions from the light within our souls.

As the Air and Fire mix there is a metaphysical explosion of creativity, it’s time to use our talents and gifts for the supreme benefit of all.  This is a chance to adavance along the path of happiness.  We all have something to give.  Enthusiasm and passion are magnetic and have a tendancy to attract the right people and the right situations.

Be prepared for circumstances to present themselves and be prepared to make rapid descisions based on discernment rather than logic.  Inside us is everything that we need, this is a time to allow the beauty of the universe to show us our true worth.

Freedom starts when you have nothing to fear
Your heart’s full of gold and your head is all clear
Nothing can stop you playing the game
When you know why you are here
And you know what to say.

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