Kindness Kriya – Day 36




Today as the Moon moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn it forms a square to the Sun and Uranus both in Aries.  The square is the symbol of the Earth element Prithvi and the root or Muladhara chakra governed by the planet Saturn that rules Capricorn and equates to life in the material world.  Squares require us to take action and building a legacy takes discipline, patience and perseverance. Uranus is the planet that liberates us from stasis and creates revolutionary Change.

As soon as the Soul begins to awaken and to influence the unfolding Spiritual life, the applicability of an individual horoscope lessens considerably.  The Soul led individual shows less concern in their own expansion and an increased interest in the Universal picture, and their specific role as a part of this integral whole. The presence of a Soul-infused individual can be identified by qualities such as group service, sacrifice, inclusiveness, willingness to share, impersonality, perseverance, compassion, steadfast love and goodwill (Kindness), and a calm, flexible but undeviating purpose to the divine self.

When taking a look at the other possible influences exerted by the celestial bodies for the next few days the most noticeable is a right angled triangle formed between the Opposition of Jupiter (retrograde in Ophiuchus) with Mars in Taurus; Mars square to Neptune (in Aquarius) and Neptune square to Jupiter.

It helps to remember that the Soul of each individual will have reached a specific stage of unfoldment; each soul has to endure very possible phase of experience that life in the material world has to offer – the good, the bad, the bitter, the sweet – and to learn from these experiences, until the essence has been extracted and assimilated.  The urge to return Home the becomes paramount.  

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