Kindness Kriya – Day 28


The Power to


It has now been a Full lunar Month since we started our kriya on Kindness.  The April Moon is known as the Hare Moon and is traditionally associated with Hope, the new life of spring and all that it offers. Once again in Virgo  the Moon is encouraging us to use our discernment.  Goodwill and the practise of Kindness give real psychological strength and affectively help us transform and evolve.  By analysing our emotional response to any situation, discernment helps us access greater wisdom.  As the strength of our heart grows we then have at our disposal more and more energy to follow our dreams, defend our convictions, establish and respect our priorities and the capacity to set limits.

Each personality has their good and not so good traits. In fact our characteristics that we do not like about ourselves can be best used to aid our growth, if we use them as a starting point of our intention for healing, they subsequently can bring us great satisfaction.

Today I suggest that you look at what irritates you – irritation is purely a reaction of the emotional body.  The degree to which we exhibit irritability is an indication of the extent to which the astral body still retains control.  The Astral world is that of glamour and illusion and there is very little to be learnt from this dimension and no real healing ever takes place.  The higher planes of existence will remain closed to us though until we are free from all emotional responses.

Try this…Every time that you notice an irritation or desire to criticise,  consciously choose to replace this feeling with the power of love.

Even though…..(this person is late…., that person did…., I did not manage to…..)

I chose to surrender to Love

Eventually, with practice you will notice two things.. a greater sense of peace and power and that life will start to offer experiences that are in line with your new found freedom.


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