Kindness Kriya – Day 29



Today’s Full Moon will rise in our sky around 9pm tonight, near Spica in Virgo.  For those of you reading this in St.Pabu, I join you in grace and gratitude for this beautiful day.  The sky is the colour of serenity, the Sun a caressing sigh and the Sounds a soothing melody of delight.

An act of Kindness is knowing when to rest.  In resting we can reflect on our true needs. Taking an hour to ourselves and surrendering to understanding ourselves…Re-modifying our life patterns to include regular and suitable ways of resting maintains our vitality, well being and creativity.

Our modern culture is reluctant to let go, several of the mental sciences and healing modalities have lost sight of the nature and purpose of life on Earth, regarding it as man’s right as  » a son of God », « child of the universe » or… have ALL the good things that life may offer.  Their is a misguided impression that the graces of life maybe selfishly claimed, disregarding the lessons that are required for our spiritual unfoldment.  Sometimes it serves well to forget about self advancement  and evoke the expression of the soul and hence the service to humanity.

Being productive and achieving results requires a lot of effort.  You will probably have to work hard to manifest your most beautiful dreams and transform yourself in a radical way. Without regular rest, you may not be able to keep up and may question your ability to shine for a long time on our planet.

Determining what is right for you in terms of relaxation is part of your personal development path.  This will improve your well-being and health while promoting your spiritual elevation.

Learning to rest is an Art



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