April Full Moon 2019


 Full Moon in Virgo

Friday 19th April – 11.12 BST

With the Sun still in Pisces, along with Mercury, Chiron and Venus, supporting our Will to accept and surrender. The full Moon for this Month is in Virgo, the mutable Earth element  enables us to reconsider our daily routine to see what requires refining or enhancing in our lives.  Using the energy of discipline to improve or even create new  structures of behaviour, that will over time, enliven our current abilities creating a new life pattern.

Accepting the present moment does not equate to accepting the life situation.  There is always something positive and constructive we can  do to contribute to all that is good in life.  With the Moon opposite Uranus there is more than likely a need for change,  to bring more spontaneity, and freedom into our lives.  Routines can be stabilising, but sometimes they can be restricting and create structures of belief that hinder rather than expand our consciousness. With Mercury over Chiron any changes we do make are likely to heal old wounds and allow us to feel refreshed as a result.

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