Kindness Kriya – Day 21




As spring proceeds the observant stargazer will notice that the Moon is travelling ever lower in the sky –(in contrast to the sun, the Moon is lowest in summer and highest in winter). The now crescent Moon is close to Mars and the bright red star of Aldebaran, the bulls-eye, in Taurus. Further high lighting the necessity for self resourcefulness, discipline and diligence if we are to reach our goal.

Here in St.Pabu, the solar systems two largest planets Saturn and Jupiter can be seen in the predawn sky, with Venus gradually disappearing in the solar glow. Saturn square to the Sun reminding us of the importance of Time.  
Jupiter, residing in Ophuichus, turns retrograde for the summer.  Encouraging us to use this time to re-elvaluate, reconsider and be perceptive to new insights to new perspectives and even new opportunities to enhance our lives.  With Venus passing over neptune there will be the chance for greater depth in our relationships with others and ourselves.

Expansive and optimistic, Jupiter can be linked to the swadhisthana chakra, or Sacral chakra influencing the water element.  This Chakra relates very much to our capacity to enjoy life.  When balanced there is the simple feeling that life is good and everything is going to be alright, so enjoy the journey.

The index finger is said to hold the planetary power of Jupiter … here’s and exercise in feeling that power and inciting the inclination to just give a hearty laugh and get on with enjoying life whatever you are doing.

That worries are prayers for things we do not want

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