Kindness Kriya – Day 18




With the energy of the Moon moving into Aries we can begin to practise the art of living in the moment, whilst being active.  We need the balance between doing and being, organisation and spontaneity in order to re-remember that we are whole, real and enlightened.

Becoming aware of our innate wholeness is intimately connected to our awareness of the innate kindness in all of life.  For in order to recognise our own soul  we must simultaneously recognise the soul in others.  It is the understanding that there is both mystery and revelation in every moment… It involves beginning with out comprehension and experiencing without understanding….

We all naturally have a sense of « I » and it is already pure… If we leave that « I » to itself it is simply universal life force or God or Spirit and we are able to see that same life force everywhere.  It is when we add something to the « I » it becomes our Ego and all our troubles begin!

The Story of the Guru and the disciple

This morning I had the joy of holding a three hour class, thank you to all who attended; I will share some of the exercises and music via a private post.. keep practising and enjoying the revelations..


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