Kindness Kriya – Day 13


So be it

IMG_4252Today the Moon transmits her light, from progressive Aquarius highlighting our ideas for the future and how individually we can influence the collective with our innovation.  As the energies of this Lunar cycle begin to settle its a good time to look at the intensions we have put in place over the past few weeks and see what changes we have made to our routine to accomplish them.

How are you being Kind to yourself and others?

However the most influential aspect for today is that Mercury, now merrily moving forwards, passes once again over Neptune.  This conjunction helps us act on any insights involving any dreamy, creative, or intuitive energy we may have felt over the past month and a half.

The choices of the soul are those of the Divine.

On the path of spirituality, there comes a time when the soul becomes evolved enough to love the Divine and have faith in it, to such an extent that nothing can discourage it in life anymore.  We serve unconditionally.  At this point, free will and divine will are one.

Destiny corresponds to a plan of action, which takes place according to the decisions of free will.  Free will allows you to choose your degree of motivation to achieve your dreams, and then determine how much time and effort you will invest; the order of your priorities; the risks you are willing to take; and the trust you intend to place in Spirit.  All these decisions fuel the sacred fire of your life, and make it more vibrant and creative.

ૐ- New York Fairy Tale

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