New York Fairy Tale


What does it mean to be a woman today?

This is a story about a little girl who wanted to learn how to play the violin and how her Mother found her a violin teacher and how that violin teacher became a lesson in the power of the word.  The little girl did not goto school and neither did her siblings, but they learnt how to play the Piano with the violin teacher.  Over the years the violin teacher watched the children grow and became a friend to their Mother.  The violin teacher  was supportive of the Mother’s choice to free school her children, even though this was against the general consensus of opinion. The little girls first piece of music was « we don’t need no education » by Pink Floyd.

Then one day the violin teacher decided that she wanted to travel.  She freed herself from all but the most practical of her belongings and set off on an adventure, living simply and allowing her intuition to guide her.

The Mother, unable to find another violin teacher continued to encourage her children to develop with the creativity of freedom and little girl continued to practise the song she had been learning with the violin teacher – New York Fairy Tale by The Pogues.

The winter months arrived and the violin teachers awakened soul sort the warmth of  fire and family.  She remembered the little girl and the music they had been learning.. and decided to pay the Mother a visit.

The violin teacher had slept under the stars and learnt how to listen to nature.  She had learnt how to read the signs of the Universe and the way of the road less travelled.  She had begun to understand the ways of the wise women of old. She was no longer the violin teacher but a Seeker of truth.

It was Christmas Eve when the Seeker of truth arrived at the house of the little girl. The Mother was most delighted to see her friend and invited the Seeker of truth to stay.  The two women talked for many hours and shared their stories.

The Seeker of Truth spoke of Lands and communities, permaculture and Miracles and dreamt of finding a place to settle.. the Universe had led her to the house of the little girl. The Mother had dreamed of commitment, of marriage and compatibility and the Universe had replied to the desires of her heart with an invitation to a conference in New York. This amused the seeker of Truth who had lain awake only days before looking at a print of the statue of Liberty, rather garishly emblazoned on a pair of curtains, wondering how marvellous it would be to visit that city.

Now the Mother had started to write songs, they came from deep within her heart as she meditated.  When she had the free time she invited other women to sing these songs and the Seeker of Truth joined them.  What fun and joy they shared.  The words of one song in particular started to come alive and on a subsequent evening the Mother and the Seeker put their hearts and minds together to create….

 This –

How wonderful it would be to hear the voices of many women singing these words, both the Mother and the Seeker thought.  That would turn the tables said the Mother… rather than listening to a man tell us what we need to do to attract a « good » man we can share what it means to be a woman today –

The relationships we enter into with others are the mirror of how we perceive ourselves. If you feel that something is missing in your relationships, you will certainly find the same thing missing within yourself.
Many a day passed, the Seeker of Truth played the violin with the little girl and the trip to  New York began to take shape.



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