Kindness Kriya -Day 7


Great Spring Cleaning



Today as the Moon continues her part of the Cosmic Dance and highlights the adventurous and expansive constellation of Sagittarius, the fire element in us is simulated.  The awareness and subsequently unfolding of our « love » for life or our Spirit seeks for the excitement and intense joy bestowed on us when we liberate ourselves from all forms of conditioning. This dynamic fire fuels our resolve to purify, and open to spirit, allowing us to know a better life.

To clean or purify is a chance to free yourself from something you no longer want, whether it is a relationship, a system of thought, a physical toxicity or an emotional blockage or even material objects, and create space for something new. Although the mind fears change and prefers the status quo, the souls thirsts for joy, happiness and fulfilment is greater.  Everything that has stagnated, everything that has stood in the way of spiritual awareness, must disappear.

But first of all we need to be aware of what it is we do not want, what it is that is masking our awareness of this « lighter » life.

Exercise in bringing the subconscious into the conscious Mind

…..It will be up very soon  , until then i share this 


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