Monthly Kriya – January 2019


Finding the Fire of our Soul

Friday 18th January 8.00pm – 10.30pm


In preparation for January’s Full Moon we will work with the Earth, Fire and water elements. We will stoke the Fire of determination to provide the courage required to warm the Earth of our material existence with Love and learn to say NO to the illusion of fear.


Once it is Understood that the solutions to life’s « problems » can always be found alongside one another, life begins to unravel it’s secrets and simplify itself.

What we resist persists

If we tell our selves we are tired…. we will be tired.

If we tell ourselves that there is WORK to DO… we begin to feel encumbered

If we tell ourselves I am Happy…. We can be HAPPY

Everything is indeed difficult, until it becomes easy; But when we start to value the valuable and disregard the rest, Life does become a marvellous Adventure of Consciousness.

Consequently for this practice will  explore deeply Kapalabhati  the Grace of God Meditation and the Ra Ma Da Sa Mantra

You can be sure to see a change in your  strength of heart as you Remember the true magnificence of your Being..


The suggested price is …25€
The venue… My studio in St.Pabu
Again I ask you to arrive a good 10 minutes in advance and please contact me in advance so that I am aware of your participation
In love and light
peace and joy
Om Shanti


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