January Full Moon 2019


Full Moon in Virgo

Monday 21 January at 5.16 am GMT

This Full Moon in virgo, reflects the light of the Sun from adventurous and purposeful Sagittarius.  Suggesting that by taking the initiative to better ourselves and help others in our daily activities, with an open mind and optimistic approach, we can indeed assimilate the attitude of gratitude and become a happy learner.

Mercury also rises in Sagittarius along side Pluto and Saturn.  The Fire element of Sagittarius stimulates our minds (Mercury) and brings warmth to our thoughts, helping us to understand the structure of life on a deeper level. With Saturn, the element of Fire will encourage patience, hard work and responsibility.  Fire in Pluto, the domain of our deepest fears, entices us to take action and Assume our part in the Divine plan.  

With Mars in Pisces and Jupiter in the healing constellation of Ophiuchus, we can be sure that our motivation and intent play a great part in transmuting the energies that restrict our vision ans consciousness thus so limiting our experience of feeling connected to the web of Life.

Venus in Scorpio will help to expose the deeper truth in our relationships, helping us to be honest, non-attached and to penetrate to the depths where real bonding can occur.

The Virgo Wolf-Moon is however square to Uranus in Pisces, which indicates that the desire to stay centred  in order to seek and find peace, may just well accompanied by strong desires to break free and create sudden change.

With Jupiter square to Neptune in Aquarius, our capacity to envision what is truely possible will require us to keep the faith, unconditionally accept the conditions of our life as it is a present and enter into the vast, stillness of our Inner self to find the visions and unconventional even eccentric solutions needed to heal ourselves and others. 

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