July Mini-Stage 2018


Sunday July 15th 2018

Mini-Stage 7.00h-11.00h



Based on the practise of Swasthya Yoga, this longer 4 hour class will focus the transmission of knowledge and on how we learn from practising with others.

New Moons and solar Eclipses are times of New beginnings.  This is a time to stop defining ourselves from the Ego ….what we think we are, our problems, ailments and life situation and see from the Souls perspective… what can I become? What can I create? How can I be of service?

WE will explore deeply the art of Puja, holding space, the movement of breath through our inner micro orbits and the creation of a sacred space to feel « safe » while we undergo  life enhancing learning processes.

Due to the current size of my studio this Mini-stage is limited to 6 people.
The studio will be open an hour in advance for self preparation and advice.

For those of you coming from further afield there is a possibility of accommodation
please feel free contact me with any queries.

love and light
peace and joy
Om shanti


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