July New Moon 2018


New Moon in Gemini

Friday 13 July 2018 at 02:48 BST

Version 2

The New Moon of July will rise in the constellation Gemini.  This mutable air sign brings with it a light hearted touch of curiosity.  The Twins are ruled by the planet Mercury, symbolising our conscious minds and our ability to communicate, to be sociable and about learning the rational aspects of life through exchanges with others.

As the New Moon is a time of retreat and reflection, it’s a good time to see what the Universe is reflecting back to us in our lives.  We might like to ask ourselves….

What are my baseline thoughts?
How do I communicate?
Am I listening?
Am I being heard?

If we are willing to treat life as a place of learning and evolution we can integrate the qualities of flexibility and adaptability, without attachment or judgement,  to see mistakes as errors in perception and take again….and hence learn new ways of being.

Mercury sits in Leo, suggesting that what we need to learn will come from cultivating our passions, self expression, fun and entertainment, with Venus also in Leo this just further emphasises the dynamic of learning from and with others.

Pluto sits in opposition in Sagittarius, broadening our horizons and a revealing whole new perspective of what is possible and practical, making the abstract tangible.  If we are prepared to face the deeper dimensions of ourselves, by observing our fears and inhibitions we can transform and empower ourselves.

There is also a partial solar Eclipse in Cancer, which although weak, (as it is far from the North Node),  will help us to get in touch with our feelings and create a protective environment so that we feel safe to learn. A Grand Trine with Jupiter and Neptune,  brings inspiration, hopefulness and potentials from our dreams.  This might be a good time to start a dream journal.


Life is a garden, our thoughts are the seeds.
If your life is not awesome, you are watering the weeds.

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