May Full Moon


Todays Full Moon

Tuesday 29th May at 14.19 BST

With each Full Moon the solar Rays are literally bouncing off of the Moon and illuminating the nights sky, here the past two nights have been incredibly intense.   Full Moons are a great time to take a look at the dynamics of our life, to earnestly look at our current situation; ours goals and our objectives and to see how truly we are living our hearts calling.  Because, I would dare to state that choices made without heart are not choices at all, but reactions.  Along the path of Yôga we are striving to see….

Action in inaction and inaction in action 

The Bhagavadgita

Todays Full Moon is rich with the deep watery energy of Scorpio.  This constellation symbolises our defences, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and quite literally.

An opposition with Mercury suggests communicating this depth and learning more about our own wounds and vulnerabilities.  With a trine to Chiron (symbolising easy healing) and a sextile to Mars (our drive to take action) and the Sun in Taurus we are being aided to ground our new found insights into our inner resources and self-worth.

This suggests that it’s time to let the walls come down personally and inter-personally in our lives.  Our defence mechanisms seem to protect Us, but put simply they are barriers that create separation.  As we are individuals within Unity Consciousness any defence will separate us and subsequently lead to a feeling of isolation.

All defence is an attack against the truth

A Course in Miracles

Healing and transformation will only arise when we are in state of acceptation, fully present and grounded.  To nurture and heal ourselves is incredibly empowering, but first we need to become aware of our wounds and set an intent to invite the transformation which can bring about the healing…….

So this month I offer you an exercise to discover your fears and a meditation to help you feel safe in this new found freedom.



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