New class at The Roof


Weaving The Light 


For the month of Juin I will offer classes of Swasthya Yôga at The Roof in Brest.  The Roof is a wonderful space where you can learn the art of bouldering (that’s climbing without ropes).  The team of climbers that have created this space are passionate about their work and their way of life.  There are numerous climbing walls with routes for beginners and experts alike, as well as an area for the under six’s.  The « paths » are changed monthly and the atmosphere is friendly and constructive.  All the necessary facilities are provided and their is even a cafe.  For more information you are best to look at their site.  There is however a space large enough to teach Yôga with a wonderful glass pyramid Roof.  The classes will undoubtedly be focused around the benefits that Yôga can bring to climbing and for those of you that already practise Yôga, may I suggest you give bouldering a try, you maybe pleasantly surprised by the benefits it will bring to your practise.  Guillaume and I are currently preparing an article to post on this subject.  Those of you new to « made-of-light » there are some basic exercises to be found  and may I suggest you take at look at Ethics  and Pricing too.


Guillaume Bastide


The Roof Brest

6 rue Augustin Morvan, 29200 Brest

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