March – Mini Stage


Sunday March 18th 2018
Mini Stage 7.00h-11.00h

Living in the Moment

With the New moon in last few degrees of the constellation of Pisces; the last sign of Zodiac this New Moon also marks also the end of winter. Pisces symbolises the search for peace by connecting to the ebb and flow of life. Surrender  and trust are the qualities required to bring a sense of connection and compassion into our way of being.

When Piscean traits are over-emphasised we can become ungrounded, escapist, delusional and mindless.  Conversely if they are under-emphasised there is a lack of faith and hope and the result is over-thinking and stress.

Based on the practise of Swasthya Yoga, this longer 4 hour class will focus on Pranayama techniques, and Bhúta-Shuddhi, to calm the emotional body and cleanse the subconscious mind inducing harmony and neutrality.

Due to the current size of my studio this Mini-stage is limited to 6 people.
The studio will be open an hour in advance for self preparation and advice.

For those of you coming from further afield there is a possibility of accommodation
please feel free contact me with any queries.

love and light
peace and joy
Om shanti


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