March New Moon 2018


New Moon March 2018

Saturday 17th March 13:12 GMT

As WE prepare for this Months New Moon and a quiet time of reflection, there is a LOT of watery energy in the heavens.  Not only will the Moon be in the feminine, intuitive constellation of Pisces ; but Venus (our hearts and relationships) and Mercury (our minds) remain in Pisces along with Uranus and Chiron, all to be illumined by the Sun also entering into Oceanic Pisces; And to add depth and vastness Neptune lies in Aquarius.

That which is best is similar to water; Water profits ten thousand things and does not oppose them. It is always at rest in humble places that people dislike.  Thus it is close to Tao.

Tao te Ching, chap 8

Chiron has been in Pisces since 2010. Chiron is the wounded healer  and the link or bridge between Saturn  (time, the bigger picture and our life’s lessons and cropped-img_29971.jpgresponsibilities which remains in adventurous Sagittarius) and Uranus (our independence and search for freedom or our uniqueness within the whole).

So WE could also look at how far we have « come », « evolved », « grown » with regardes to our emotional self over the past seven years.   This New Moon could be seen to mark the end of a time of victim/abuser and a period of massive self growth; where life has asked us to look at our fears, sadness, anger, traumas, our deep insecurities and doubts about our true magnificence.  

With the arrival of Spring, the fast moving planets of our hearts (Venus), Minds (Mercury)  and Chiron will  move into Aries;  So It’s Time  to surrender   to leave behind our wounded selves, with our lessons well integrated and look to the skies, to spring, to New beginnings.

Whatever our personal stories, the theatre of life is simply there for us to truly remember our divine selves and when we truly re-remember that…..

All things are Lessons God would have us learn…

And That the only path I have to follow is My own,  That I create my life experiences.

 And That I LOVE my life.

Course in Miracles


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