Spring equinox 2018


Fresh Beginnings

 Spring Equinox Tuesday 20th March 2018 4:15 (GMT)

The Earth now tilts neither towards or away from the Sun which rises due East and sets due West. Day and Night are each 12 hours long.  With the arrival of Spring, so close to the New Moon in Pisces… The heavens continue to ask us to surrender, to let go of the control, to simply Be.
Pisces is linked to our Feet.. They are our point of contact with the Earth, our primal means of transport. In English we can play with the word sole, as in the bottom of our feet, and Soul our deepest part of ourselves.  Maybe its time to take a look at your feet, to love them, take care of them, liberate them from from your shoes.. soak them in Epsom salts, massage them and hence stimulating the whole body by reflexology.  Whether you walk, run, jump,skip or dance be aware of your feet and how you are moving through life.


Everyday is a Fresh Beginning
Listen my Friend with sweet refrain
Despite past sorrow and Older Sinning
Troubles forecast and future pain
Take heart with the day and Begin again….

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