Autumn Solstice 2017


Meditation September 22nd…. Equinox 22.02

Faith in your connection with the All that IS

A warm hearted Thank You to all the beautiful souls who joined together in heart and mind to celebrate this seasonal change. As more and more of you are becoming aware, the journey of consciousness continues to invite us into vistas new…
The unfolding feminine consciousness of our time is powerful, without boundaries and requires Faith in the concept of a Spiritual connection which unites us all beyond the material separation of physical form Wonderfully reflected in the numerology of the actual time of this Equinox! 22:02.

How we Celebrated and Assimilated the Energies

Commencing with a Sonic Meditation for the sacred elements and chakra harmonics. We then sounded the notes our Souls in a choral sound bath..
Together we created a corridor of Sound and Light which raised the vibration of our group consciousness, allowing a cleansing process to take place, purifying our hearts and minds of limiting beliefs, which often restrict meditative practices, leaving us free to expand and assimilate.

Following this opening of minds we plunged into the depths of our hearts and gradually allowed our awareness to flow from our hearts to the energetic layers of our being, physical, emotional, mental and causal fields of awareness. Then we flowed into the studio, our village our department, country, Continent, planet Earth and out into the stratospheres and the boundaries of space; continually opening our hearts to hold space and invite a vibrational change..

Recharged and replenished we then nourished our physical bodies with a beautiful flower based herbal tea, delicious recently harvested eating apples and a fine apple tart..

The Time of Prophecy is upon us, are you ready to make a stand…

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