Full Moon – October 2022


Moon in Pisces

Sun in Virgo


As the Sun sets this evening on the western horizon in the constellation of Virgo, the Moon slowly rises to its full zenith in the east, in the constellation of Pisces, conjunct to Chiron, once again combining the elements of Water and Earth and a continuance of the theme of ‘jetting the lest’! As we continue to gain altitude.  Because, although the Hunter’s Moon appears extremely large as it rises in Pisces, enhancing our psychological  receptivity; it is Jupiter’s Presence ,  it’s closest for 60 years, that enlightens our spirits, expanding our view of the world, and giving US the vision of what is truly possible.  As…

No one can make you feel insignificant unless you allow them to


Jupiter’s influence when retrograde acts like a comb passing through our consciousness, raking through the karma of the meeting of our past and present, allowing US to untangle the chains, cords, threads and chords ૐ of our attachments, giving space to new openings, adventure and opportunity.

Maybe take sometime to meditate and converse with the rays of Jupiter in the evening sky and see what expansion feels like, as wisdom always comes in Silence

There is a way between voice and presence

Where information flows.

In disciplined waters it opens.  

With wandering talk it closes.


It speaks in the Bhagavadgita of Arjuna on the battlefields of his consciousness; Krishna gives him courage to fight for righteousness and side against his brothers and uncles in the fields of battle.  What we are learning here is to..

 value only

what is  valuable.  As the attachments that we have towards the Concepts of family and  friends seem to be the most painful of all to let go of.. after all, some of them have taken all our life to build.  Seeing them as simply illusions, we are able to Let Go and rest  peacefully in the knowledge that…

If what you had was truly made of light,

it will still be there to delight in

after the Silence,


long that may be…

So, I am going to let my fridge do the talking and simply share that the Art of Sensual Reverence is in seeing the relationship, in whatever form it may take;

Not as special, but as holy…

With practice,

I find that a forty day kriya helps to adjust to the new energies which are able to flow,

any dynamic can and WILL change.  Happiness is the law of GOD and LOVE and UNITY and no disbelief can change this.

So i share this lesson of A course in Miracles


as a group of friends and I dive deeper and deeper into this Course in miracles, giving the first five minutes of every hour over to the lesson of the day…

For the next forty days I am  going to be Silent….. As its is said

With a garden and a library a Man can be happy

So as I take the time to nurture my garden and build a library of information on this site; please know that if you received one of these cards, whatever its colour combination…


You are a light in my heart and just thinking of you raises my vibration…

Love and Light

Om Shanti


Thank YOU

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