New Moon – February 2022


A New Moon in Capricorn

The Earth element within the constellation of Capricorn gives us the perception of what building a legacy entails.  Mature and responsible, committed and hard-working, determined and dedicated are the attributes of a balance psyche.  So search deep in yourself for any resonance of overcautiousness or faintheartedness.  The discipline bestowed by a New beginning in Capricorn can be given credence to its Planetary ruler Saturn.  Thus structuring our lives with a vision of our long term objectives becomes a necessity.

Mudrá for the Lungs. This Mudrá gives healthy detachment.  Balancing the feelings IMG_0523of loneliness from feelings of constriction. It brings joy and a sense of freedom.  Bringing the middle fingers together, at the first knuckle and opening the other fingers  stimulates Prana to circulate in our lungs.  As you inhale visualise vast expansive skies, feel the air flowing into your lungs. Hold your breath and absorb this life force. Exhale deeply and allow the next breath to simply follow.  Affirm.

I am fully alive

Understanding what we truly are and fulfilling our life’s plan requires first for us to become a happy learner.  Once we have fully embraced the desire to chose truth we can finally ask the question…

Do I want to see what I denied because it is the truth?

So this month I invite you to follow me in the creation of the Facebook page Yogic Mum, although I have been much more of a Yogique Maman.  These past 18 years, bringing up my children in a foreign land I have learned so much from this experience, that I wish to share and I invite all you other yogi mummies and their supporters to unite in mutuality.  With the understanding that our children come through us and not of us, we can bring harmony and live in a world filled of love and light.  Where intuition and heart centred learning are the norm.. one of my sons once said to me…

… » Maybe Mum, when my children have children the world will except home school and what you gave us will be the norm » …

that was just before my three boys entered the French academic system after 15 years of home school.

At the moment I have know Idea where this group will lead, but I hope to inspire and to create a place where each of us can be inspired.

Om shanti


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