1/4 Moon – October 2021


First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Wednesday 13th October at 4.27 am


One week into this Lunar cycle the Moon has revolved from the diligent earthiness of Virgo to the adventurous fires of Sagittarius and is now square to the Sun, which holds its conjunction with Mars.  So although there maybe challenges or unease, this astrological phenomenon remains incredibly empowering, as our life force and desire for self preservation are united and magnified in strength.   With Mercury alongside, now in opposition to Chiron, there is the possibility of moving closer to a sense of atonement or Presence , but only if we are able to communicate honestly and peaceably . With the Moon in conjunction with Pluto, accessing our limiting beliefs will momentarily become evident, especially if you are practising the Kriya  and/or came to Sundays extended practice Incorporating techniques of Bhuta shuddhi into your practice, to deeply cleanse the emotional body and subconscious mind, is highly recommended at this time.  Hence we can be deeply thankful  for these purposeful fires of Sagittarius as they work through our psyche to eliminated the deep seated fears that simply resist change.

When balanced we are adventurous, open-minded, optimistic and purposeful…….

Over-emphasised we could be domineering or excessive, condescending or simply impractical….

Under-emphasised we could be inhibited or aimless, close-minded or pessimistic…

However, with Jupiter (the planetary ruler of Sagittarius) trine Mars and the Sun, our view of what we are actually capable of accomplishing is going to be driven by a sense of philosophical freedom and motivated to reach for greater depths of understanding and higher altitudes of awareness.

Be aware that forces far greater than our individual personal destiny are at work in all our lives right now (Saturn square to Uranus); and although they are certainly beneficial, you may feel as if you are being held back, or on the contrary, propelled skywards like a rocket!  Whatever the case, the planets are dancing as they should and impacting on the destiny of humanity and this has been planned for a long time.
If you feel lifted into higher realms of consciousness, do not worry there will be a gentle time of rest, so that you can recover, before the next flight. Conversely, you can be certain that, from a feeling of being chained or on hold, you too will be propelled at full speed into a larger stratosphere.  Be assured that everything will unfold according to universal cosmic wisdom and the great life cycles.  When our psyche is balanced it is natural to trust this divine timing. After all, what is the point of running to the bus stop if the bus doesn’t leave until tomorrow? And what is the point of holding back if you are ready? Trust in the timing and rhythm of your life, especially if it seems to be out of your control.  It is the revolving ૐ movement of the stars that moves through us with its cosmic dance – this is Natarajasana.
Simply let the planetary forces rain down their blessings of grace and unconditional love, mercy and joy upon you. Let their movements offer you the best! Great changes are possible at this time, supported by this celestial evolution, so pray to receive its grace, enjoy the ride and be Thankful.

Om shanti


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