3/4 Moon – September 2021


Three quarter Moon in Gemini

Wednesday 29th September at 3.58am


Whilst we remain under the influences of the Moon, its position in Gemini, square to the Sun and Mars in Virgo and square to Chiron in Pisces, will give the impression of challenge and disharmony in our interactions with others; however the Moons quincunx to Saturn in Capricorn and Saturns trine to the Sun and Mars both in opposition to Chiron imply that with diligence and perseverance, if we can direct our will towards how and what we communicate, deep healing can be the legacy for planet earth if we simply let go of those things that do not make us feel strong.  As we teach and learn through all of our interactions, being impeccable with our words, not making assumptions, never taking things personally and always doing our best become the easiest way to improve the lives of everyone.

Some of you might already know these phrases from the Four Agreements.  They are painted on our bathroom door and were the first « rules » of life that my children learned.. As our psyche becomes more and more balanced we become stronger and stronger and our connection to source more and more evident.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party

Although this may simply be a phrase learnt whilst one learns how to touch type the QWERTY key board, it also reminds us just how important our communications are, just how much good we can do or how much harm we can cause.

The air of Gemini, when Balanced, allows for us to be inquisitive, curious, sociable, practical, flexible and lighthearted.

Over-emphasised we tend to be nosy, impatient, nervous or flighty, fickle, overthinking or overtly talkative.

Under-emphasised we can be dishonest, deceptive, anti-social and/or indifferent, vague or withdrawn.

As well as practicing the Kriya  we can also sound the note of our heart with a great big HAAAAAAAAAA 

Remember ૐ that we are creative beings and that creative power lies in our words.. speak your truth honestly and dare to care…

Om shanti


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