Autumn Equinox 2021


Autumn Equinox

Wednesday 22nd September at 8.20 pm



Happy days…

Strike whilst the Iron is hot…..

There is an amazing amount of healing to be felt today… with Mars ( our will)  in opposition to Chiron (healing), the Moon (our receptivity) in opposition to Mercury (our minds and means of communicating) and Uranus (deep change) in opposition to Venus  (relationships) the words of Desiderata  are literally written in the sky… understanding with compassion allows us to be on good terms with all people without surrendering our inner truth.  The world truly does work in wonderful ways and although these times may be trying and many of our relationships may be coming to conclusion, this will allow us to open new doors, have new experiences and remember  that vital truth…

That whilst one person is still suffering

We are all still suffering

Humour really is intelligence at its highest point of communication, the ability to make others feel good, to smile, chortle, giggle or laugh really is a gift.   It is not intelligent to take life so seriously, but it is intelligent to care, to be of service and do…

All the good that we can

in all the ways that we can

Mars trine to Saturn helps us to take responsibility for our actions and build a legacy of unity for the new golden age slowly by surely…

Be the Love that you desire to see

Feel the light that you desire to be

Happy equinox to all the people that I know and love and 

Happy equinox to all who I am yet to meet and love

Om shanti


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