Full Moon – September 2021


Full Moon in Pisces

Tuesday 21st September at 12.54 am


A Full Moon in Pisces draws our awareness once again to seeking and finding peace and mastering the art of remaining present whilst life’s’ currents ebb and flow.  Neptunes Presence  in Pisces amplifies the vast waters of our psyche.  When these waters are clear and still there is a deep and definite clarity to our dreams and visions….

The Utopia of today is simply tomorrows reality….

Victor Hugo

When these waters are murky or turbulent we are full of illusions, we tend to loose faith, feel hopeless and over think, which consequently creates an unnecessary stress…

With the Sun and the rest of the fast moving planets in Virgo, developing our skills and abilities is of prime importance in order, not only to help ourselves improve, but to also help others improve.  With Mercury, the planetary ruler of virgo,  square to Pluto  we may find  self expression challenging and our ability to give and receive information restricted by our deepest fears, whatever they maybe

Life shrinks and expands according to ones own courage..

Anais Ninn

Please Remember  that the universe never sends us a challenge that we can not resolve; that the problem and it’s solution always lie in the same place; and that deep within us lies the entire universe waiting to shine.  Life can often seem like one big balancing act, however…

We are never crying for the reason that we think we are….

A course in Miracles

Overall  there is a feeling of emergence,  we are finally able to leave the past in the past and open to vistas new.  The beneficial trines of Saturn to Mars and the Sun to Pluto provide the necessary motivation, discipline and dedication to face our fears and break the chains that link us to an outdated or unhealthy mode of being .  Basically any intentions set or Kriya  started over this Full Moon period will be far easier to maintain and the results of a diligent practice highly rewarding.

Dare to care to live a Happy, Healthy and Holy life here on Earth

and try this

Om Shanti


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