1/4 Moon – September 2021


First Quarter Moon in Ophiuchus

Monday 13th September at 9:41 pm


With the Sun exiting Leo, in opposition to Neptune in Pisces and square to the Moon in Ophiuchus, these three celestial bodies form a harmonious right angled triangle.  So although the 90° angle of this 1/4 moon creates the challenge of healing ourselves and others through acknowledging our physical and instinctual nature, it is by plunging into the spiritual waters of Neptune that we will find the necessary compassion to….

 Dream a dream for mankind sake

When the watery energies of Ophiuchus are balanced  we feel regenerated, spirited, revived, renewed and connected with life.  This is the constellation of transmutation that of  the healed healer.

over-emphasised – we become purely instinctual, mind identified, destructive, sadistic or enslaved by the material.

under-emphasised – we become fearful, guilt-ridden, tempestuous, empty, needy or  submissive, thus ready to conform to the authority or will of others.

With Pluto trine to the Sun the liberation of our deep emotional attachments maybe intense, but will  lead to transformation,  allowing for the deep change that initiates new beginnings. Releasing our individual fears requires patience and discernment, for if we are unbalanced we can easily drown in the fears of others.

It is a bit like being pushed into unfamiliar territory by forces beyond our control.  However, it is through the events that are currently unfolding collectively that our deeper nature will emerge. We are tapping into new resources of power, confidence and wisdom. The difficult changes and challenges that lie ahead will nevertheless easily turn in ones favour. In the end, we will find strength, confidence and recognition of who we really are.

Om Shanti


Keep practicing (or start) the Kriya  to purify and balance your psyche, knowing that your efforts will be rewarded.  I look forward to seeing some of you tonight….

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