New Moon – September 2021


New Moon in Leo

Tuesday 7 September 2021 at 1:52 am 


A consecutive New Moon in the fiery constellation of Leo reinforces the importance of a playful, self-assured and generous attitude towards life and our fellow beings.  When our psyche is pure and balanced our innate creativity will naturally express itself,  but we do need to do the work to create the necessary balance before hand. If you are not already practicing try this Kriya…

It was hard thing to undo this knot.
The Rainbow shines, but only in the thought
Of him that looks. Yet not in that alone,
For who makes Rainbows by invention.

And many standing round a waterfall
See one bow each, yet not the same at all,
But each a hand’s breadth further than the next.
The Sun on falling waters writes the text
Which yet is in the eye or in the thought.
It was a hard thing trying to undo this knot.

-Gerald Manley Hopkins

Understanding the energies of the heavens, or what is commonly known in esoteric thought as the teaching of the seven rays can enable us to work with greater skill and effectiveness in our chosen field of activity .  It helps to remember that the Sun, Moon and Mars are not considered as sacred planets, their movement, positioning and aspects give us a practical method of analysing our personality, understanding ourselves as ensouling entities and provides a subtle intelligence when we are working with others.  Once we are under soul guidance (represented as a perfectly balanced psyche),  it is the movement and aspects of the Sacred planets that hold greater sway , enabling a deeper comprehension of the totality of the plan as it is manifesting at this time.

With knowledge comes responsibility

Thus the opposition of Neptune and the trine of Uranus to this months New Moon lead us to consider the uniqueness of the individual within the collective and the necessity to open to our minds to releasing to the unknown, to moving beyond a mechanical view of the universe(s) and by sharing our dreams and visions create a dialog, an open discussion to induce social change.

If we look at what is going on in the world today, in this or in any other country, its fair to say that the world does not function coherently. There may not be a quick solution to the worlds problems, but the important part is not the final    solution, but how we get there, the opening of mind to look at all opinions.  There is a possibility for a transformation of the nature of consciousness both individually and collectively and it is important that they happen together, a change in one individual has little effect, but if change happens collectively it is powerful.

The forth ray of consciousness, that of harmony via conflict is a controlling factor in human affairs at all times – it is the ray which teaches the art of living in order to produce a synthesis of beauty.  There is no beauty without unity, without embodied idealism symmetrical unfoldment is missing.  This ray of struggle is spoken of as the « Birth of Horus » of the inner Christ born from the throes of pain and suffering.

Love can not manifest if we can not communicate and share meaning.  If we truly learn to communicate, then we create fellowship, participation, friendship and love growing, unfolding and creating evolution.

So the question that comes to mind is …. Do you see the necessity of this process? And if you do see that it is absolutely necessary then you have to do something.  Then we can go beyond just being a group to solve social problems and create a change in the relation to the cosmic.  This is the energy of communion, early Christians called it Koinonia, which literally means to participate.

So if you wish to participate in yoga classes once again here in Saint Pabu – I invite you to contact me so that I can place you in a suitable lesson and as I strive to create new ways to share knowledge, light and Love I invite you be be part of this journey as we all venture Home .

Om shanti


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