3/4 Moon – August 2021


Three quarter Moon in Taurus

Monday 30th August 2021 at 8.15 am




As the Sun merrily transits the constellation of Leo emanating the fiery rays of playfulness, self expression, creativity and vitality, its’ square to a Moon in Earthy Taurus takes our psychological receptivity to cultivating self-reliance and the enjoyment of our values through the material world thus heightening our sensuality.  Venus, the planetary Ruler of Taurus sits in Virgo and draws an emphasis to developing our skills and abilities which help us and others improve.  The trine of the Moon to Saturn in Capricorn brings all three earth elements into play,  enabling us to see the importance of structure in our life and find the patience, discipline and determination required to build a legacy.  

As we continue to practice the Kriya on purification of the psyche  and cleanse the Lymphatic system there is naturally a deeper sense of calm, the body will simply feel freer in all its movements, we naturally become more aware of our  breathe (especially if you have taken the time to lengthen the Nadi Shodhanna to 11 minutes of more) and are simply more competent at allowing life to flow.

Living in rhythm to the Planets simply helps us to see a bigger and eventually clearer picture .. however it helps to hold in mind that….The greater can apprehend the lesser but the reverse is not he case…

The little evolved cannot comprehend the much evolved

So Keep striving to introvert your awareness, and as Francis of Assisi says..

try not so much to be understood, but to understand

So for my part, the new planning for this years classes will be up soon.. Use the influence of waning Moon  and I look forward to seeing in a couple of weeks..

Om shanti

love and light





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