1/4 Moon – August 2021


First Quarter Moon in Libra

Sunday 15 August at 3:21pm



The Sun, whilst travelling through the constellation of Leo, along with Mercury and Mars continues to encourage the playful and giving nature of our inner psyche to shine and create in align with the fiery energy of this Lunar month.

However, today we find the Moon in the constellation of Libra, square to the Sun, square to Jupiter, but also trine to Neptune.  A Moon in Libra  brings the challenge of keeping balance within ourselves and mutuality through conscientious action in our relationships.

When integrated the air of Libra helps us to be balanced, conscientious, moral, cooperative, fair, just, agreeable, impartial and harmonious with all that is.

When over-emphasised we tend to be overly agreeable, dependent, give our power away, become selfless to our detriment and thus self-depreciating.

When under-emphasised we tend to be indecisive, passive, unconcerned, immoral or morally grey or simply uninvolved.

Spending a few minutes today meditating on these adjectives above will help to integrate this air element into your consciousness and expand your vision of what is possible when actively creating new ways to bring harmony into your life.

Venus, the planet connecting us to who and what we value, is the planetary ruler of Libra  and sits in self improving Virgo in opposition to Neptune.  In seeing value in our connection to the whole and developing our skills and abilities to actively seek and find peace, we enter more gracefully into at state of Service for the supreme good of all…

Once again here is the Kriya.. Its never to late to start..

There is also a pressure point just under your nose – Renzhong –  It is known as the « unconscious point ».. Take a few minutes to simply place your index finger there and press down… It’s use in therapy is for faintness, shock, sunstroke and respiratory failure.  These are not magic points they use the science of the human nervous system to create feed back mechanisms which when observed often seem miraculous. 

In his book   » Anatomy of Hatha Yoga » H. David Coulter explains precisely how anatomy and physiology relate to Asana and Pranayama.. His explication of how the predominately Isometric exercises benefit the human body by stimulating the entire neuro-musculoskeletal system took over 25 years of research and personal practice.  

Practice makes perfect and remember when you do not know what to do ..

Do this

Om Shanti




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