1/4 Moon – July 2021


First quarter Moon in Virgo

Saturday 17 July at 11:11


Today the Moon sits in Virgo reflecting the light of the Sun with both the air and curiosity of Gemini and the nurturing waters of Cancer.  The Moons additional square to to Pluto means using our curiosity to find new ways to develop our skill and abilities in becoming more confident and thus able to face our deep fears and attachments that restrict our development and stop our light from shining with the joy of life.  Assisting ourselves and others to enhance our environment then becomes of great importance

The two most prominent aspects are the Suns opposition to Pluto and the opposition of Mars and Venus to Jupiter.  When our overall vision is limited,  this limitation can lock us into situations that do not suit!.  However things will and do change when you start taking responsibility for your reality. Worrying and letting stress overwhelm you only perpetuates the situation.

What we resist persists

We need to remember  to come back into the present moment and to breathe   slowly and deeply.  You have the opportunity to bring serenity into your life or to feed your fears  and only you can make this decision.  Focusing on your real desires will bring magic to your life.

 Don’t worry about how the miracle will happen, just accept it and open yourself to receive it.

The yearly summer kiss of Venus and Mars brings them into a square with Uranus (still square to Saturn);   With the celestial male and female planetary accepts aligned there is a opportunity to break free from old habits the lead us towards  unhealthy living. Thus Why practicing the Kriya  at this time becomes more and more evident.

When we are balanced and pure with our psyche, diving into the unknown becomes easy.  We start to live with a subtle confidence that everything will simply be OK.  Whether it be lancing a new enterprise, starting an on-line presence, creating a family, starting a programme of study, moving, falling in love; what often stops us is our inner critic.

All criticism is ultimately slander. When you criticize you harden and hurt others and you prevent yourself from becoming a more delicate, sensitive and intuitive person.  You also obstruct your healing pathways and cause bone and muscle degeneration and lower your immunity.  Eventually, if nothing is done, you become hard and critical of yourself and will sink into a depression. Becoming less and less flexible, you hinder your deep thinking and limit your possibilities to receive new and higher wisdom. When we start looking for what is good, sacred and beautiful in everyone and develop our discernment we are happy to encourage ourselves and others to grow. There is a great need to look at situations from several perspectives to gain objectivity and not to doubt where your intuitions lead you.

Practice kindness


See every challenge as an opportunity for growth

Whenever a critical thought arises in your mind, accept it in order to involve your conscience in the reflection process. Slowly you will then realise just how critical you are. Practice kindness. Whenever you have a negative thought, correct it by expressing a positive thought. Soon you will be able to distinguish this negative tendency and will no longer allow your critical judgment to manifest itself.  By becoming aware and caring, you will experience an overall sense of well-being and attract positive experiences.

The Moons trine to Jupiter will give us a subtle sense of optimism allowing us to access new possibilities  and envisioning what really is possible.


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