New Moon – July 2021


New Moon in Gemini

Saturday 10th July 2021 at 02:17am (BST)


This new  lunar cycle starts with the Moon and the Sun in the air sign of inquisitive Gemini, thus this months planetary ruler is Mercury,  positioned on the cusp of of Taurus, already under the influence of Gemini and trine to Jupiter.   Envisioning what is possible, with an air of flexibility, being adaptive and willing to learn to direct our mental energy is what this month is about.  Basically we might simply be feeling more communicative and wishing to share.

With Mars in opposition to Saturn, directing our self will in a playful and creative way helps us to take responsibility for our personal legacy with a certain lightheartedness.. Remembering (whatever is going on around you ) to…

Be the light…

Pluto’s opposition gives us a deeper energy to work with, evolving our perspectives and  giving room for the  transformation of  beliefs thus expanding our view of all that is possible.. whilst trine to neptune a stronger willingness to go with the flow can simply be enjoyed.

Besides my family legacy of four children, this site is my means of spreading the teachings that I have the gratitude of receiving.  Although I am currently working with my own exercises, using music with subtle movements to induce sustainable physical change and finding ways to creatively  communicate and share these teachings;  I continue to use yogi Bajans Kriya ૐ for the next two lunar cycles.

We are now a group of twenty, or so, who are continually practicing and daily diving deeply into the same Kriya and none of us wants to stop!  So finding a way to visually show the benefits of this Kriya and helping to overcome some of the obstacles for aching bodies that initially shy the psyche away from even getting started with the Kriya because of the posture! is where I am directing my mental energy and over this month.

But here is the trick, being the light, being in the spot light can rapidly transform into searching for the limelight.  Glamour and Illusion are some of the greatest traps on the teaching path  On-line yoga teaching has thus required  some time for me to navigate.  But inspiration I trust will flow and as I inspire others to join us in the wonderful experience of lymphatic and hence psyche purification I encourage you to join me in this creative endeavour.

Remember that lymphatic fluid is deep, we are stretching out these vessels increasing energetic flow and inducing a whole host of chemical benefits and their beneficial psychological changes. All interstitial fluid flows through lymph vessels and they only flow towards heart! I will write more about the human physiology, but put simply you are what you « eat ».  When lymph stagnates it builds up a kind of inner pressure that consequently changes thymus pressure in the heart and hormonal flow..

The deeper reason behind stabilising our psyche would be able to safely dive deeper into our subconscious mind and cleanse our deep limiting beliefs.  For this yogic Bajan created White Tantra and in establishing such a large organisation at the last event we were our 2500 people who for three days sat one lines creating a huge grid of interconnected consciousness to simply cleanse the suff that stops us shining to our full potential.  It looks that white tantra festivals may no longer be available to experience.  However in Swasthya yoga we are taught Bhutta Shuddhi .   

When classes recommence in September the planning will have greatly changed.  In order to optimise the use of Prana in the early hours of the morning, there will be three classes a week at 6 am- 7.30 am at my studio in saint Pabu and a monthly Sunday Morning long practise. Private lessons obviously will continue as programmed.  So until then I will continue to communicate as much as I can about the benefit of Yoga and humanology, but please do write your testimonies, send a photo or even a video or contact me via email if you would like advice or private tuition.

Om shanti


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