New Moon – June 2021


New Moon in Taurus

Thursday 10th June at 11:54am (BST)



A New Moon and a Solar Eclipse in the constellation Taurus, in conjunction to Mercury retrograde, and all square to Neptune, requires us to use the natural world to express the enjoyment of our values and hence cultivate our self reliance.  The influences of Neptune can bring a feeling of uncertainty.  As we release to the unknown and enter into an unconditional acceptance of life we realise that our dreams and visions are part of a great vastness.  But though these New Moon energies will be strongly felt, when our psyche  is balanced, we are able to access an inner stillness and through our words bring silence .

Positioned in Gemini, Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus, sits square to Chiron, also in Pisces.  Suggesting that the continued expression of our values through our acts, thoughts and wishes can heal our relationship on a spiritual level.  Remember that we are at the beginning of a twenty year cycle, as Neptune transits Pisces the spiritual  aspects of our relationships will become more and more evident to the importance of our collective integration.

Saturns trine to the Moon helps us to take responsibility of our part and parcel of life and access inner resources that we have yet to exploit. Continued practice of the Kriya will help your pysche to radiate the softer feminine qualities of out nature; emanating innocence, peace, love, tranquility, balance and calm are what is required if we wish to live in a world that exhibits these qualities.. the famous.. be the change that you wish to see…


I will not Value that which is valueless

A Course in Miracles – Lesson 133

When we explore what is deep within, accept our pain, love our wounds and come to peace with our failings Valuing only that which is valuable becomes our true status quo.  Now we are able to play the Sacred games life with joy, the capacity to laugh, have fun and see all life as a show to be enthralled with.  We are now able to breathe , smile and act accordingly whatever life brings to our awareness.

At this time there are forces a lot larger than our personnel destinies are at work in our lives.  Saturn remains square to Uranus for a long while yet. Allowing ourselves to be guided by the feminine, on the cosmic waves of the universe, continuously initiates new energies in us, which are then available for us to use. The planets danse how they will and impact our destiny, positively or negatively according to our agility to danse the same rhythm. The rays of the universe block us when it is necessary and fling us ahead at the right time too.  

So take the time to appreciate life in all its simplicity, but if you feel that these energetic blocks are leaving you sluggish, you can always spin.  Its the first part of the Five Tibetan Ritual… one of the most complex to master, but after all we are trying to rejuvenate physical matter – a feat which in itself, goes against mass consciousness! 

But – for part one… stand still with your feet together and hold your hands and arms out horizontally, keeping your feet super close together and simply start turning.. if you are female take the left arm backwards and spin anticlockwise and if you are male, the right arm goes backwards, spinning clockwise.. start slowly, try for 21 spins and gradually over a few days and then weeks, spin faster.  Its likely that you feel nauseous at first, but soon you will feel fresh and more alive..

Om shanti



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