Three Quarter Moon – June 2021


3/4 Moon in Aquarius

Wednesday 2nd June at 8.26 am


The Moon sits high in the morning sky at the time of this third major aspect of the Lunar month.  Now 90° square to the Sun, the Moon reflects the light of Taurus with the receptivity of Aquarius.  Air and earth represent a perfect equilibrium between the heaven and earth, cultivating our self reliance whilst keeping a humanitarian view is our objective.  Just like it is wise to prepare for a Lunar month with each New Moon and take a status check with each Full Moon, the squares of the 1/4 and 3/4 Moon require us to act to reinforce our objectives.

The air of Aquarius can lift our psyche with a ….progressive, inventive, maybe unconventional or even eccentric, but certainly an envisioning energy.  When not balanced the energy of Aquarius is rebellious, outlandish, fanatical or simply impractical, disorganised even antisocial.  How we nurture, interact and respond to this energy will be influenced by this constellations planetary Ruler – Saturn.  Collectively Saturn continues it’s square to Uranus, hence the continued practice of our Kriya to balance our Psyche…..

With Mars, our determined self will, changing sign and in opposition Pluto there is an opportunity to unveil more truths leading to further transformation.  Mercury retrograde, square to Neptune, highlights that accessing the depths of our being and developing our extrasensory capacities of Neptunes advanced spirituality requires us to use our minds and communicate differently.  As our psyche expands and modifies our behaviour this will obviously alter our relationships …

Saturns Trine to the Sun brings to our disposition the wisdom acquired by a spiritual discipline, this emerging wisdom brings the rest, peace, and the calm required to appease a dynamique that has become too masculine,  leaving us with a sensation that we have passed some kind of exam of initiation and we simply have more space to see.

… despite the parts of your character or attributes that you discover within your deeper self, the shadow work of Pluto, which you may deem as negative or the current life situations which may limit or frustrate you..

Remind yourself often..

I completely love and accept myself

and in times of doubt try this…..

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