First Quarter Moon – May 2021


May 1/4 Moon in Leo

Wednesday 19th at 8.13 pm


Todays quarter Moon in the playful, creative and self-assured constellation of Leo is square to the Sun transiting Taurus, in opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius and thus Jupiter is also square to the Sun.  The Air element of Aquarius, which can help to raise our consciousness above our earthly concerns, is inventive and progressive; however accessing these higher levels of consciousness is just not possible unless one is balanced, and whole heartedly desires to be of service.

Envisioning what is possible in order to change the world through innovative ideas first requires the purification of our psyche.  With only two days to the end of our Kriya maybe you have already started to feel the benedictions and love which flow towards a balanced inner self.  These sudden surges of love are all encompassing and leave no doubt as to what we really are.  Whilst this inner essence remains too difficult to recognise in our selves, we can chose someone else to be the holder of this light.  This is the role of the Guru or teacher.  Therefore at any moment we can consciously chose to recognise our true nature and that includes NOW..

We all encounter many teachers along the way, the humble, the wise, those that come and go rapidly offering words that help us to be confident in our own inner teacher and those who stay for longer giving support and comfort.  I  have often mentioned the importance of a spiritual friend,  but the biggest teacher remains the life in us, that of our proper experiences…

….. to love is really so easy,

words flow with grace and we are free to be

With the continued square of Saturn and Uranus, representing the collective lesson of humanity and with Mercury square to Neptune in Pisces, these are challenging energies to navigate.  As one of the biggest hurdles or boulders along the path to union is the illusion of glamour and self – importance.  We have to remember to hold in our minds (Mercury) that we are being invited to rise above the day to day motions of life and  and surrender to a higher order of nature.

Jupiter  includes the energy happenstance, to be able to feel confused and delighted, but still keep faith in life even if it includes chaos and instability.  It really is ok to take a chance, to make mistakes and eventually find what we didn’t even know we were looking for!  Our true sankalpa  is just that…

To Remember the light within


When life gives us the push needed, we simply walk this strange path that opens up without knowing where it leads, moving forward with the confidence of the blind man who lets himself be guided.  Our universe is changing for the better, and a new world is unfolding.  Why not go for the unknown?  You will find your true essence and realise that you are more than what you thought you were…

If you would like  change your place of work, home or simply your attitude, or to try something new, especially if it is unusual, the universe supports you.
The time has come to accept the change.

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