April 1st Quarter Moon 2021


April 1/4 Moon in Cancer

Tuesday 20th April 2021 at 8am


At this phase of the Lunar cycle the Moon sits comfortably in the constellation of Cancer where her influence is strongly felt.  The Moon is the heavenly body that symbolises our psychological receptivity, at home in Cancer the receptivity of our inner awareness will be centred on embracing our feelings and sentiments through caring and nurturing for others.  The crabs hard protective shell protects its soft and nutritious interior.42091A9F-CC3D-482C-97E3-6B4767AD4D86_1_201_a But if we consider its’ young, their shell is not get calcified and it remains soft.  This reflects nicely the role of the Yogic Mother ૐ.  (parent).  As Mothers’ we act as the shield that protects and nurtures our young, enabling the innate goodness to remain intact.  To be able to do this consciously we first need a strong shell ourselves and a balanced psyche .  If we are not balanced ourselves, we will start to project our fears onto our children.  Or if our own shield is not strong enough let the fears of the collective enter.  Then what started as a perfectly formed psyche, with its own inner teacher, quickly becomes a sponge for all sorts of dysfunctional thought patterns, which accumulate gradually.  Over time this accumulated psychic debris eventually leads to emotional and mental imbalance, manifesting in the physical plane as an ailment or disease.  We only have to consider what is happening on the planet right now!  And what does an unbalanced psyche do?  It searches for a solution outside of itself.

This quarter Moon is in opposition to Pluto; as Pluto is responsible for eliminating deep emotional attachments, be prepared for the unveiling of a few truths.  This may manifest in your life as a certain energetic intensity or through endings or loss…. But certainly there is a possibility for transformation and consequently new beginnings.  With the Moon square to Venus, the Sun and Mercury all on the cusp of Aries, there is an abundance of the fire element at hand, which will intensify over the following weeks as these fast moving celestial bodies transit Aries.  The fire of Aries gives us a sense of self confidence and a desire to exert our will on the world.  When balanced we are simply aware, active and independent, when over or under emphasised there is a tendency of being selfish or self denying, aggressive or passive, impatient or apprehensive, reckless or fearful.  All these squares Indicate that a certain amount of integrity is required in order to discern the direction in which we channel our life force  and into which relationships.  This is far easier if we remember to keep in mind…

that the other is you..

We will have to actively engage our minds if we are to remain aware, that these fears, especially those of manipulation and control come from within and we are more than capable to transcend them.

With Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries in Taurus forming a harmonious trine with Jupiter on the cusps of  Aquarius, there will be a natural groundedness in our actions and a more optimistic and humanitarian nature to our desires.  This  brings a certain sense of wisdom and  adventure, encouraging us to envision new possibilities and to seize opportunities when they arrive.

Saturn in Capricorn continues its square to Uranus in Aries.  If we remember that the outer bodies move slowly and are not personal in their effects and that their influence is over the whole of humanity, we can open to the idea that this global crisis requires perseverance and patience as we endeavour to liberate the whole of humanity from a certain stasis.  That global revolutionary change requires the input of us all.

One day we will use this knowledge in various ways including our institutions.  There are certain days for example that we will not operate in hospitals (except emergencies).  Certain days that teachers will not try to sit children down to a test or conversely encourage them to be overly active, we will consider their individual chart and their soul group.  The best analogy I can use, is this..

We are free to hang our washing out to dry whenever we so wish, but none of us expects it to get dry (the objective of this action) if it is raining and it is predicted to rain for the next three days.. not only will the washing not dry, but certain fabrics will be ruined and if there is wind too, might just get blown away.

If you look closely at the chart you will see that all these aspects form half of a square, a red isosceles triangle.  This is an incredibly auspicious time.  Our spiritual development transforms our awareness of our mind, body and soul.  A dedicated daily practise will reveal new skills and attract new energies in the form of experiences and people, bringing a deeper sense of joy and satisfaction.  As we allow more light to enter into our consciousness there is an acceleration of our electromagnetic field, old psychological patterns dissolve as the blocked energy loosens there can even be radical changes to our appearance.  There is a greater lightness to our being, you will feel a certain sense of freedom and contentment to join in and participate in the game of life.

Strive to be happy….


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