February Full Moon 2021


Full Moon in Leo

Saturday 27th February 2021 at 9.19 am GMT


The Lunar energy for this full Moon comes from the constellation of Leo and the solar energy from that of Aquarius.  As the Sun rules Leo…. How do you « shine« ??  or express your innate creativity?? is thus the question that comes to mind.. The fiery energy of Leo is playful, generous, self-assured, loving and giving; the air that ignites this fire from Aquarius is innovative, humanitarian and certainly unconventional.  As the solar fire of Leo transmutes low frequency energies and clears the path of our destiny, the air of progressive Aquarius allows us to communicate our passions from the level of the soul.  Thus developing our ability to share who we really are with others is the theme for this second part of the Lunar cycle.  With the beneficial trine of the Moon to Uranus invoking an energy of welcome change, we are certainly going to find any intension set or endeavour undertaken far easier to maintain.

Consistency comes from character and commitment

Each of us has something unique to give, unique talents for our supreme good and for that of the world. This is known as a SanKalpa.  When we seize the chance to advance along the path of joy and creativity our enthusiasm and passion become magnetic and simply attract the right people to be in the right place at the right time.  We simply need to be confident in our ability to make the right choices.

To use this energy to the best of our advantage I propose a Full Moon purifying Kriya.  Once again I remind you of the  power of the breath. Alternate nostril breathing or Anuloma Viloma balances the flow of these Lunar and solar energies.  The Ida or left nostril represents the flow of Lunar energy and the Pingala or right nostril the flow of Solar energy.

 If you are really  healthy you will breathe predominately through the left  nostril for about 2 hours and then through the right for 2 hours.  In most people today this natural rhythm is disturbed.  Restoring a rhythmic and equal flow balances the flow of Prana in the body.  This is essential if you are to succeed in bring Prana up the shushuma consciously and release your full creative ability.

Carpi Diam

Full Moon Kriya

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