January New Moon 2021


New Moon in Sagittarius 

Wednesday January 13th


The first New Moon of 2021 will be in the fiery sign of adventurous Sagittarius.  The constellation of the Centaure is about exploring life’s purpose through the expansion of our awareness of the body, mind and soul.  Its’ planetary Ruler is Jupiter, which can be seen sitting next to Saturn in the adjacent constellation of Capricorn.  With the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the cusp of Capricorn and Sagittarius this Christmas the combined energies of earth and fire were heightened.  This created a beacon of light to herald a time of global service, helping Humanity understand the power of giving and receiving, to build a New golden age of Love and Light through discipline, patience and perseverance.  

At a first glance, without any knowledge of reading a chart, its quite plain that the planets are confined to the upper left corner of the chart.  The 10th house relates to our life’s work and our public life and the Earthy energy of Capricorn.  This is an empowering and transformative New Moon, one that can bring drive and clarity of purpose as well as access to the energy required to be of service. With Mercury, our minds, also in Capricorn we will start to assimilate what this truly means….

To give and to receive are one in Truth

Lesson 108 – A Course in Miracles

Mars recently (10th January) left Pisces and entered in to Aries; whereas Mars our self determined action is uncertain in Pisces, it is completely at home in Aries.  Thus helping us to grow in awareness and confidence as we assert our will in the World.

I Will accept Atonement for myself

Lesson 139 – A Course in Miracles

Also in plain sight are the many red squares.  When planets square one another action needs to be taken.  This New Moon has both the Sun and Moon square to Uranus alongside Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury all square to Mars and Uranus.  Uranus is the Planet of revolutionary change, helping us to feel inspired to break free of convention.  It’s the planet of enlightenment and true to the hearts of my French compatriots Liberty and Equality.  For those that chose, this New Moon can be used as a Spiritual coming out…… But we have to cease to judge,  the challenge of this Moon cycle will be our ability to accept that which our ego’s deem to be unacceptable, to be the silent witness in all situations and to take the necessary time to open and stay in our heart centre. Fortunately Venus, also in Sagittarius forms an harmonious trine to both Mars and Uranus.  Thus the additional self initiating and even daring  fire of Aries will bring the required energy to help us to connect to whom and what we value.  Thus giving us enjoyment on a material and an interpersonal level if we stay true to our higher purpose.

I will not value what is valueless

Lesson 133 – A Course in Miracles

In order to reflect the light of Source or Christ consciousness we are required to make a choice – to exchange perception for knowledge.  So I offer a New meditation, one given to create balance.. use it for the next forty days, practice and perfect it… and remember

All gifts I give my Brothers are my own

Lesson 316 – A Course on Miracles

– Meditation to open 4th, 5th and 6th Chakras……

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