June New Moon 2020


Gemini/Taurus cusp Eclipse

Sunday 21st June at 6.41 am (BST)


Contrary to main stream astrology with a New Moon in Cancer, we actually find the Moon right on the cusp of  the earthy resourceful constellation of Taurus and the rational Air sign of Gemini.  With Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus, retrograde in Taurus and Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini, retrograde in Gemini the influence of these planets will be felt strongly.


Saturn, Pluto and the planetary ruler Jupiter all sit in fiery adventurous Sagittarius, and they are retrograde.  Please read the link on the significance of this perceived movement.  

The heavens are literally beseeching us to expand our vision of what is possible.

Knowing that any new intensions set this Month will influence us individually and collectively for the next 6 months, these next few days are a great time to evaluate the enjoyment that we gain through the material and sensual side of life and how we communicate and learn about these rational aspects of life..

What truly makes us feel enchanted?

With Pluto in opposition to Mercury, we may be troubled by old fears and the collective atrocities may overwhelm our logical minds. With Mars the planet of self determined action square to this New Moon in the highly spiritual sign of Pisces, we will need to take action to maintain a sense of inner peace. There are more hours of sunlight today than any other day of the year, how we use them is up to us.

This is an Invitation to connect – New Moon Kriya –  

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