New Moon Kriya



As you can see the studio here in saint Pabu is being transformed into a music studio.  I intend to use this period of change to create and share a vision of life that I personally hold dear.. 

Finding innovative ways to continue teaching and sharing the light I will now offer a Bi monthly Kriya and the necessary support to continue this kriya for 40 days, the time required to assimilated these changes into our physical mainframe.

Kriya for Mood and metabolism Balance

Monday 22nd June 20h.30 here in saint Pabu

2 hours


Please contact me  by email to let me know of you attendance..

A shortened version of this kriya will be posted for you to follow daily for either 3, 5, 11 or 22 minutes and I intend to write relavent motivational posts so that the experience and its effects are maximised.

For the past month I have opened my personal practice on a Wednesday morning at 6am.. and will continue to do so.. I will include the relavent Kriya and strive to inspire you to practice daily.  This is a 1.5 hour practice at 15€.

To enjoy the benefits of Yoga, The union with God, practice needs to be regular.. I have very much enjoyed our weekly classes, but these strong celestial energies require active change…

In Joy and peace and love and light 

Om shanti Gail