Light House



Shine Bright, be a light house
Keep calm and walk on through the drama of life.  
Gotta find your own song.
Take solace in silence, forgiveness in strife
Dare to be different, let your heart ignite.
Ride the wave of emotion with grace and a grin
Just never give up and don’t try to fit in.
As we learn to remember there is a place ‘to live’ for us all
Dig deep, stand straight, let your tears fall.
Open new doors, invite challenges to grow
Be proud of your gifts and share what you know.
Manifest change and begin to create a new cycle of truth
Exchange love for old hate.
Let go of beliefs that restrict and project fear
Seek clarity, enchantment, hold onto what’s dear
Your voice is unique, your persona is true
Speak up, talk openly, make amends, see it through
There’s plenty for all,
if we balance it out , life IS abundant, there’s no need to shout.
When you find yourself screaming in disillusion or pain
Breath deep and breath deeper again and again.
Open your heart and let in the light
Remember the bliss, exchange searchin’ for findin’, lookiin’ for sight.
The power of love lies deep within us all,
this world can be healed
 if  we heed the call
 with all our might.

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