June Full Moon 2020


Full Moon in Scorpio/ Ophiuchus

Friday June 5th 7.18 pm (BST)


This Full Moon with its penumbral lunar Eclipse rises in-between the constellations of Scorpio and Ophiuchus.  The watery constellation of Scorpio encourages us to be transparent and honest; this is a time to dare to dive deep into ourselves; to expose the truth about ourselves and our lives exactly as they are.  Ophiuchus and its fire create an opportunity to heal and be healed, to transmute old beliefs and be regenerated, renewed and to connect to life in a spirited fashion.  It is a moment to ask ourselves..

How can I best serve myself and others?

Meditating on this question has led me to a place where I will completely restructure how I approach teaching and sharing the knowledge of Yoga.  There is no Kriya today as I have shared many recently and if you are following, we are still practising the kriya on self sufficiency.  So I share with you these words and look forward to creating a new Kriya for the Solstice/New Moon and annual solar eclipse for June 20th/21st.


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