What is a Yogic Mother? 



Like the best of mothers, the Poppy combines tenderness and vigour in the most beautiful way.  It is the flower of remembrance and redemption.  A Yogic mother is a woman who has remembered that our children are a gift and that we are their guardians and not their owners.  A Yogic Mum is a woman who has not forgotten that she once was a child, with a Childs heart and a Childs dreams.   She see’s her child full of potential, like the Oak tree within the Acorn, rather than an empty vessel to be filled with information.  She is full of perseverance, patience and persistence.  Raising children requires us to be strategic.  Some situations require action, vigilance and even confronting; others require forgetting or ignoring. Sometimes things have to be forgotten or hidden for a while before they can return, with the marvel, like the dawn of a new day.  Knowing what to do and when comes from a Mothers Heart.

  • The best attitude for bringing up children is guidance, compassion, forgiveness and conscious oneness.
  • The Mothers duty is to teach them how to pray, how to be simple, sincere and loving
  • Whatever the mother has to do she should do gladly, soulfully, devotedly, untiringly and unconditionally.
  • Love is paramount importance, offer boundless love

When you are blessed with a child you bring into your life a solid portion of divinity; you are making a promise .. a yogic mum is conscious of this promise.  At the beginning, the mother is naturally possessive.. For the first 40 days the most important relationship is with the mother (in the absence of the mother and to be politically correct this would be the primary care giver).. the first 40 days of life will set the child for the first 40 years of their adult life.. it is the role of  the mother to open the realm of relationship.  First to the concept of family, close relatives and friends, enabling the child to expand their love to the universal mother, who embodies all of creation.  Obviously there are roles for the father figure,  structure, protection, the opening to the world – but for now I am writing from the perspective of the Yogic Mother.
There are no benefits to be gained from worrying.  Sweetness, love, concern, intimacy, closeness and oneness are what is required.  This simplicity, sincerity and surety will lead to purity of spirit..


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