Burn Inner Anger


Remove all weakness and Impurities


Sit in Sukhasana (easy pose) with a straight spine, chin in and chest out.  Extend the fullsizeoutput_23d9Jupiter and Saturn (Index and Middle fingers) of your right hand and use your thumb to hold the other two fingers down.  Raise your right arm in front at 60°.  Keep your elbow straight.  Place your left hand at the heart center.  Close your eyes.  Making an « O » with the mouth inhale and exhale powerfully.  (2 second inhalation and  2 second exhalation).

Continue for 11 minutes.

Breathe strongly and powerfully with emotion.  Burn your inner anger and get rid of it.  Use the breath to get rid of the body’s weaknesses and impurities.

To Finish: Inhale deeply, hold the breath for 10 seconds, stretch both arms up over your head and stretch your spine as much as you can.  Stretch the discs between your vertebrae.  Exhale like canon fire. Repeat twice more.

With the correct posture and breathing it will rebuild you from within and you will develop a very powerful immune system.

Do it every day for 40 days and you will be a different person.

Extended practise

After 40 days with the right hand extended, switch and practice for 40 days with the left hand extended and the right hand on the chest.  After 40 days in that position practice for another 40 days with both arms extended.

Start somewhere
Start small
Do not over do it

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