April New Moon 2020


Aries New Moon

Thursday 23rd April at 2.36 am



Another Lunar Month is upon us as is the first reliable meteor event of the year.  Looking North East towards Vega in the constellation of Lyra, the flashing Lyrids reach a peak of activity tonight and the New Moon will not yet be in the sky to detract from their magnificence..  Lyra is the Harp, symbolising Harmony or the harmoniques that are produced when voices come together as one..


Currently we are in the quiet phase of the Lunar cycle, the Moon is leaving Pisces the constellation of receptivity and « spiritual awareness » and moving into dynamic Aries.  This fire sign is about our individuality our « self awareness » and asserting our will in the world.  The Ruler of Aries is Mars and Mars is currently very comfortable in the Earth constellation of Capricorne.  The combination of Fire and Earth form clay, it’s a month to make manifest the foundations of our life’s purpose.  Taking the time to reflect and Meditate on…

What is it that I have come to create?

What talents do I have?

What practical steps can I take to bring my dreams into manifestation?

If You look at the chart you will see the moon is square to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.  Timing, responsibility, organisation and courage will be required.  In order to find our true selves  it takes self awareness, the de-programmation of our minds and determined action (Mercury is also square to Jupiter).  A daily Kriya will help.  I have spent this month creating a private page for everyone I have taught this year. Please follow interactions and goto Your Lesson.. Your password is your name, until you ask me to change it.. The Kriya that I have shared will be of enormous benefit, for you Health, Happiness and Harmony.  I have also offered to read your sidereal Astrological chart.. today I intend to finish the details.

I doubt that classes will go back to normal, the curent world situation limits our external life, especially in France, but nothing can prevent you from going within except your own resistance to truth.  Sri Aurobindo found God whilst confined to a cell during the time of  Indian Independence;

The Kingdom is perfectly United and perfectly protected and the ego will not prevail against it – Amen

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