Sri Aurobindo – Sat Prem


The adventure of consciousness

There is in Sri Aurobindo a revolutionary, a poet, a philosopher, a visionary of evolution.  He is not only the explorer of consciousness, but the builder of a new world.  For evolution is not over:  « Man is a transitional being », he wrote at the beginning of the last century.  This now classic introduction to Sri Aurobindo not only tells us the story of his life, in itself a remarkable adventure; Sat poem also takes us along a methodical exploration of Sri Aurobindos « integral yoga » sowing how it leads to a « divine rehabilitation of matter » and gives our painful evolution its meaning and hope.

We have denied the Divinity of Matter to confine it in our holy places and now matter is taking its revenge – we called it crude, and crude it is.  As long as we accept this imbalance, there is no hope for the Earth: we will swing from one pole to the other – both equally false –  from materially enjoyment to spiritual austerity, without ever finding our plentitude ૐ.
We need both the visor of Matter and the fresh waters of spirit.. Now the time may have come at last to unveil the mysteries and to recover the complete truth of the two poles within a third position , which is neither that of materialists or that of spiritualists.

Sat Prem – A sailor and a Breton (though born in Paris 1923)

As a member of the French resistance Sat Prem was arrested by the Gestapo when he was 20 and spent a year and a half in concentration camps.  Devastated in journeyed to upper Egypt, then to India, where he served in the French colonial government of Pondicherry. There he discovered Sri Aurobindo and Mother.

Their Message -« man is a transitional being » struck a chord deep in his heart. He travelled to Guiana, Amazonia, Brazil and Africa before returning to India to be near Her who was in search of the secret passage to the « next species » – Mother, whose confidant and witness  h became for some 20 years.

He wrote… Sri Aurobindo and the Adventure of consciousness
– On the way to superman hood
– Mothers Agenda – 13 volumes
– Divine Materialism
– The new species
– The station of Death
– The Mind of Cells
– The revolt of Earth
– Evolution II –
– After man, Who? But the Question is after man, How?

Sar Prems latest book The tragedy of the Earth – From Sophocles to Sri Aurobindo
draws a curve from the Vedic and pre-Socratic era to our Iron Age and to Sri Aurobindo, « the revolutionary of consciousness and evolution » who embodies the last turning point of our human destiny and gives us the key to our immortal reality..

All are worth a read..

Open your Mind – always be kind

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