Chattar Chaya Kriya


How to feel Good


Sit in Sukhasana (easy pose) with a straight spine.  Place your right hand on top of your left hand so that the middle segment of each finger of the right hand rests on the middle segment of the corresponding finger of the left hand.  Bring the palms toward each other so that both thumbs can touch the middle segment of the Jupiter (index) finger of the left hand.  Both thumbs touch each other and the middle section of the left Jupiter finger, but the thumb tips do not touch any part of the right hand. There will be a kind of cavity between your two hands.  Your eyes will close automatically as you become more relaxed.  Allow this to happen.

Inhale through the nose and exhale completely through the mouth, directing your fullsizeoutput_23a0breath between the knuckles of the two thumbs and into the cavity between the palms of your hands. You must exhale all of the air from the lungs.  Empty the air entirely on the exhalation so the moment you relax to breath in, the air will be automatically and powerfully pulled into the lungs.

Start with 2 and 1/2 minutes. Build up slowly appreciating the affects of this wonderful kriya.  It can make you sleepy, however it can make you feel really good and take away the tiredness of a long day at work. It makes you feel happy.  It can extend your youth and keep you looking young.  It definitely makes your face innocently beautiful and charming.

This is a very relaxing Kriya

 Warning : you will not be able to work or go anywhere after your practice!




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